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Conversational Intelligence®

What is Conversational Intelligence®?

  • A body of work pioneered by organizational anthropologist Judith E. Glaser

  • Helps build trust through communication strategies

  • Applicable to any kind of conversational or communication situation (personal or professional)

Do you want: 

    To be clearly understood?

    To be a better communicator?

    Manage a difficult conversation with ease?

    Create trust with anyone; boss, colleague, spouse or child?

    Relieve anxiety around difficult conversations?


How is it Delivered?

  • We integrate Conversational Intelligence into many of our learning experiences, and we can custom design one for your organization.

    • Workshops can be delivered for any situation, such as:

      • Lunch and Learn

      • Half-day education

      • Full day retreat

      • Ongoing series (e.g.: a series of workshops exploring different aspects of Conversational Intelligence delivered over a specified period of time

  • Conversational Intelligence® strategies and principles are also incorporated into one on one or group coaching.

  • Please see our workshop page for additional information.


Why Ibis Coaching?

  • Ibis Coaching’s principals were among the first coaches to be certified in Conversational Intelligence®.

  • We have significant depth of experience with Conversational Intelligence®.

  • We have delivered Conversational Intelligence® training for leaders in several organizations.

  • We developed many unique and fun Conversational Intelligence® exercises that have been used by other Conversational Intelligence® certified coaches around the world.


Judith E. Glaser,

author of Conversational Intelligence®

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