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One on One Coaching

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Do you want:

  • Accomplish what's really important to you?

  • Make a vision a reality?

  • Overcome bad habits?

  • Gain a promotion or develop yourself for a new career?


How is it Delivered? 

  • Coaching sessions are conducted In-person, by phone or by videoconference.

  • Length of session and duration of engagement is tailored to the coachee.


Why Ibis Coaching?

  • We understand coaching, business, professional and personal life.

  • We invest in ongoing professional development to stay current in our field.

  • We adhere to ICF’s Code of Ethics, which includes confidentiality. 

  • We have worked with a diverse range of clients, including:

    • C-Suite leaders

    • Mid-level managers & Emerging leaders

    • HR, Leadership Development and Training professionals

    • Business Owners

    • Educators

    • Busy parents

    • Recent college graduates

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