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2020 Virtual Masterminds

Are you suddenly a remote employee or managing a team of remote employees?  Even if you’ve worked remotely for years, you may now be juggling home schooling kiddos as well as looking after elderly relatives.  No matter who you are you may be struggling with how to: 

  • Stay connected

  • Work with kids at home due to school closures?

  • Ensure the results you get at the office are the same you get at home?

  • Figuring out this “new normal” in a world of uncertainty?

We guarantee you are not alone!  In fact we are so sure there are many of you out there, we’ve created two different groups to help you navigate these times of uncertainty and change: 



  • Practical tools you can use immediately

  • Group coaching time to help you with specific situations

  • Accountability partners to ensure success

  • Small groups to ensure everyone is helped (8 people MAX)

  • The benefits of coaching at a lower cost

  • Problem solving around a specific issue

  • A FULL MONTH of coaching (4 weekly sessions)




  • Individual contributors who do not manage teams

  • Currently working remotely

Weekly Topics

  • A New Normal

  • Working from home vs. Working in the office

  • Working with kids home

  • Staying connected

Where and When 

Thursdays at 1pm EDT for 1 hour (starting March 26th)

Zoom teleconference (germ free!)

Cost: ONLY $50 for the entire month!

Modern Conference Room



  •  A leader of a team, department or organization

  • Currently leading a remote team or working remotely themselves

Weekly Topics

  • Locus of Control

  • Working at the Speed of Trust

  • Results and Goals

  • What’s Next?

Where and When 

Fridays at 1pm EDT for 1 hour (starting March 27th)

Zoom teleconference (germ free!)

Cost: ONLY $50 for the entire month!

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