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Why are there so many self help books?

“My friend recommended this book, it will help get my life in order” “This system worked for so many people, its bound to help me!” “Why is this “fool proof plan” not working for me?”

I realize that brick and mortar book stores are becoming fewer and fewer, but have you stepped into one lately? The self help section is, by far, one of the largest, taking up probably the most real estate in the adult section of the store. It seems like everyone has a book or a “system” or a plan that will help you achieve all of your goals…in 30 days or less! Have you ever stopped to think why there are so many self help books? If there was a fool proof system or plan, wouldn’t only a few books in this genre be needed? The reason is simple. What works for others might not work for you. We are all unique. What makes me tick will, ultimately be very different from what makes everyone else tick. How I organize my life is very, very different than how my husband organizes his life, how my friends organize their lives. This is why there are so many books, self help gurus and the like. What they have to say works perfectly for them and it might work for a few others, but ultimately it will not work for everyone. So what will work for everyone? Is there a fool proof system? You have the ability to come up with the solutions that work best for you. Sometimes it just takes the right question and time to think for you to come up with it. That is exactly what coaching gives you. I know this works as I’ve seen it with people I coach. They will try something that friends, family, and co-workers suggest and ultimately either not stick with it or get frustrated because it is not the result they were looking for. However, when we spend time really focusing on the solution to their issue, thoughts pop up, ideas generate, and they walk away from the session with multiple ideas to implement and a timeline of when they are going to do it. Here is the kicker. These ideas not only work, but they stick. Why? Because it was the clients own ideas. They found the solutions that work perfectly for them. Ready to start your own “fool proof plan?” Contact us for a coaching session today! 

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