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Back to the office, is the coffee on?

While the great resignation might have slowed a bit, many companies are now juggling with restructures and many teams are finding dynamics are different with the addition of new members coupled with back to the office work structures. Talk about a lot of change at once! All of this change can create challenges for the leaders and the team members. How do you work together? How do we incorporate new team members or juggle with open seats on the team? And how does it feel to be back in the office? Does the coffee pot still work?

All of this change and upheaval can actually be a good thing! -Open spots can allow for a change in the team responsibilities. Do you have a high performer who wants to do more? A team member who needs extra help? Now is the time to create the perfect team for them! -New team members bring fresh eyes and ideas. What do they see that you don't? -Working in an office together can be fun and engaging, how can you make it into a destination? -If the coffee pot no longer works, a new one must be acquired immediately. I cannot stress this enough.

Want to take your team to the next level and make 2022 the best year yet? Team coaching can help with that! From our innovative Team 360 assessment to our "in meeting" coaching to one on one with the leader, we can help your entire team thrive and feel alive!


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