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I See You

I know you come to our sessions, slightly harried and rushed and frustrated.

I know your mind is swirling with the 1000 things you need to be working on.

I know

I see your exhaustion.

I see your self doubt.

I see your feelings of imposter syndrome.

I see you thinking all your problems are someone else’s fault.

I see your nervousness about that crucial conversation with your employee...boss...spouse.

I see you

I hear how unsure you are of your next step.

I hear what you don’t want.

I hear the sadness.

I hear the frustration.

I hear that things aren’t perfect.

I am your sounding board.

I don’t judge.

I don’t advise.

I don’t let those negative thoughts linger.

I don’t tell you what to do, you already know

I value how amazing you are.

I admire how you juggle every ball with grace.

I respect how you approach every relationship with care.

I appreciate how much effort you are putting in.

I cherish our time together

You say you don’t belong, I hear someone who cares so much about their performance.

You say you’ve never had to do this before. I hear the experience you forgot about.

You say you don’t know the next step. I hear an amazing vision come to life.

You say you are nervous about that conversation. I hear the confidence as you see the other person’s side.

I hear what you don’t.

Under stress, our brains naturally go to the worst. I see you at your best. I watch you get stronger, better, more resilient, and more creative each session. I partner with you to create the outcome you want. I let you cry when things get tough and I celebrate you when you win.

I see YOU. I hear YOU. I am your COACH.

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