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How Can Coaching Help Me?

What is coaching?

When I introduce myself, most people first ask that age-old question “what do you do?”. Truthfully, most of the time I dread this question because when I say “I’m a professional coach”, the thoughts, images and generalizations those words conjure are so varied and many times opposite to what it is I really do. So what is it that a professional coach actually does?


You may say, "What if I know I want something, I’m just not exactly sure what it is I want?"

I would say, "My job is to help you figure out what you want and help you attain it."

I do this through a process, using specialized skills I've learned and thoroughly practiced. Yes, there is a process most coaches follow and it involves:

  • Deeply listening to what you say

  • Giving you space to really think

  • Asking powerful questions that cause you to think profoundly

  • Keeping you accountable and on task with your goal and the timeline you’ve outlined

It is important to understand that coaching is all about you. The time that you invest in coaching is time solely dedicated to fulfilling your goals and vision.

One really cool thing about coaching? It’s not as expensive as you might think. It can be done in person or over the phone (or internet using tools such as Facetime or Zoom) so there can be no travel costs. Most coaches, like those of us at Ibis have various pricing packages that fit any schedule and budget.

So if it doesn’t take as much time or money as you expect and there is so much you can gain from working with a coach, I just have one question for you:

What goal do you want to accomplish?


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