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Sunrise or Sunset?

Have you ever noticed how, in pictures, it is hard to tell the difference between a sunrise and a sunset? The sun can either be rising or falling, it is either getting darker or lighter, only the photographer truly knows which is which (of course, unless it is taken on a coast or with a distinguishable landmark).

So often, this is how life is. It’s hard to tell if something is ending or if it is a new beginning. You may have suffered a loss, a job for example. In the immediate it feels like a sunset...but is it? Is that the start of a new career or direction for your life?

Here is the thing; no matter if a big life event is a sunrise or sunset, one thing is for sure, it is a change. Change is a disruptor, it causes us to sit up and take notice. Change causes us to see life differently and frequently makes us realize that what we thought we wanted, we no longer desire.

You can see the change and let the dark envelop you or you can acknowledge the memories that “day” made and embrace the sunrise to come. A sunrise is tricky, you never know what a new day will bring. It may be different from the prior day and may veer from your plan (parents of young children, I’m looking at you!) but if you embrace it for what it is and the new possibilities it holds, the sunrise can bring with it a whole new adventure.

So many times people come to us after a “sunset” such as a job loss. They focus on updating their resume and mock interviews, which we are happy to help with (Lil has 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Yvonne has experience with an executive search firm). But we always invite clients to take a moment to embrace the “new day” and to use it as an opportunity to see if your current life aligns with your values. Sometimes it only takes one coaching session to discover if your current path is still the one you want.

We here at Ibis Coaching have our own “sunrise” of might have noticed we have a new look and feel with our website. We’ve made quite a few changes and we invite you to take a moment and have a look around our updated site! Just click the home page here.

So no matter what, if you are contemplating a beautiful sunset or embracing a new sunrise, realize that a disruption can be a good thing! Change is not something to be feared, rather it is an opportunity for discovery and an chance to embrace a big, beautiful tomorrow.

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