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Achieve your dreams in 2019 with our first ever giveaway!

This time of year we always get requests to host “vision board” events.  These are opportunities for you to create a page or poster that highlights everything you want to do for the next year.  There is usually camaraderie, food and wine involved.  While we love being asked to help with something and revel in seeing our clients, we always say no.

It’s not that we don’t love the idea of having fun with friends and painting a glorious picture of your future, the problem is the vision board itself. The issue is it is simply a vision.  There is no plan, no follow up, no accountability in HOW you are going to make that vision a reality.  

A big part of a coaching engagement is visioning.  Painting a picture of what you want your future to be is a great first step.  In the first coaching session, this might be all we talk about.  

But then comes the hard part.  How do you actually achieve those goals?  This is where the bulk of most coaching is spent.  What steps are you taking?  What roadblocks are you encountering, and so on.  

This is why a vision board is a fun way to figure out what you want, but, most likely, it is not going to help you achieve those goals.  

So, what can help you? 

Stay focused-set small goals to help you achieve the bigger ones

Have a partner-check in with someone and make sure you are on track

Identify roadblocks-things that can get in your way of achieving your goals.  

And guess what?  We do all of this and more during a one hour GoalGetter workshop.  It’s a fun way to not only set your goals, but to put concrete plans in place for how you are going to achieve those goals!

To help you achieve your dreams in 2019, we are giving you an incentive to join us during a GoalGetter workshop with not only a great price but a chance to win a FREE one-on-one coaching session!  You will leave not only inspired to achieve your goals but with an actionable plan you can start implementing right away!  The best part...It’s only $15!!  

The giveaway: Just register and attend one of our GoalGetter workshops in January (either live or virtual) and automatically be entered to win a FREE one-on-one coaching session!   Register here

*One name will be picked from all workshops hosted in January.  Winner must register, pay and attend workshop in order to be entered.  Winner must schedule one on one session within 2 months of being notified (why would you wait?)

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