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Weathering The Storm

Like many of you, we here at Ibis Coaching recently weathered Hurricane Irma. We were so lucky that the worst of her wrath did not hit us directly. We do have friends who were impacted so much worse than we were and we are hoping and praying that their lives will soon return to normal. However, Irma was not our first hurricane, not by a long shot. As a family that has always lived on the East Coast of the United States, we’ve been through a hurricane a time or two. The decisions are never easy…do you evacuate or do you stay? Where do you evacuate to? How much water do we really need? Where is the best place to get gas? Is it too early to eat the hurricane snacks? However, the preparation phase is so much easier when you have a plan. That is why every emergency management office will tell you, regardless of the disaster that could potentially hit your area, have a plan. Our day-to-day lives also benefit from planning. Storms will come. Whether the storms are large or small, preparation is the same: Assess, Plan, Execute. We can apply this approach to almost any life situation. From a bad job to a cluttered home, to a friendship gone awry, the Assess, Plan, and Execute strategy gives you a measure of control in times of uncertainty. 



Where is it headed?    

Am I comfortable staying? 

Where would be the best place to go? 

What are my other options? 


What is the full scope of the issue?

What tools do I have to help me?

What do I need if I stay?

What do I need to successful?



If I need to leave here are my options

This is what I needs to have on hand 

This is what my family will do 


Here are my options I will implement this idea I will ask for help in this area Execute


I’m leaving to go here

I will stay and have supplies 


I am going to start in two days This person will help me 

Of course, many situations require a great deal of thought, input and information and a three-step process might become a 10 step process, but that is OK! Just take a deep breath and start the process even in the face of many unknowns. Starting is often the hardest part, but take one step in the direction of your best decisions based on the information that you do have, and the answers will come to you. Have a problem that you want to fix? Need help assessing, planning or executing? Coaching helps by giving you the time to think, to see the big picture and to find your best solutions Coaching also instills accountability to ensure that you move all the way to executing your plans. Interested? Sign up today for a coaching session and be ready for the next storm that life sends your way.

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